About Us || How It All Began


Who we are

We are a small business operated by a husband and wife team out of Katy, TX.  My name is Amelia and my husband's name is Chase.  We live with our two lovely Yorkshire Terriers, Miri (named after my hometown) and Isabelle (oh, we just adore this name).  We enjoy a lot of activities together, namely kickboxing, golfing, hiking, traveling and plotting our next adventure.  Chase is a Geologist by profession and I am an Engineer.  This is where you will see Chase's creativity shine and Amelia excelling in the methodical process of roasting.

How did our interest in coffee roasting develop?

Our love of coffee began when I landed myself an office position after many years of travelling for work. That Christmas, Chase purchased an espresso machine for us. At the time, it felt like a big splurge. We justified the purchase by calculating the amount spent at coffee shops versus making ourselves lattes in the morning. Evidently, I had been drinking too much coffee and the credit card charges were stacking up - my trips to Starbucks were putting a hole in our pockets.

From then on, making a cup of latte became a morning ritual for us. It was the extra 10 minutes that we got to spend together. During the commute to work, we enjoyed every sip of our labor of love without breaking the bank.

As we tasted more and more varieties of coffee, we realized the stark differences in freshly roasted coffee versus commercially roasted coffee.  Drinking coffee to us is not just about obtaining the caffeine hit, but it is the tiny pleasure that we choose to allot into our very busy day. Life is too short to consume insipid coffee.

Since then, we learned to roast our own coffee on a drum roaster and now we would like to share this pleasure in life with you!

Why Revenant Roasters

The word "Revenant" is defined as a person who has returned, especially supposedly from the dead.

I have had the privilege to travel the world throughout my career and encountered many unique experiences in life, but I found myself missing "something"; sort of an emptiness that needed to be filled. The many days spent away from Chase took a toll on me.  I realized that he was the missing half of the void that I had been feeling.

Chase and I have always been naturally attracted to challenges and learning new things. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we found ourselves yearning to explore and express our artistic sides. As we dove deeper, we were captivated by the elegant combination of science and artistry of coffee roasting.  With the support of my loving husband, we decided to launch a small coffee roasting company - something that we are both passionate about and get to experience together, just like spending the 10 minutes of making a cup of latte in the morning but magnified by 1000 times more.

I have never felt so alive and exuberated about the day.

Hence, the name "Revenant Roasters."